It’s Show Bizsnatch! Better Call Saul, S1-E2

My recap (and critique if it’s not edited out) is now up on HNTP — the television blog you should ALL be reading. I’d just like to say here and now that I got a couple of things wrong about the Sunday night installment. For one thing, I recognized Tuco, but then decided it couldn’t be him because the internet did not immediately explode with the news and I didn’t see Raymond Cruz being named in the credits. Oops.

Second, like some other writers, I suggested that perhaps those of you who’d missed a few or all of the episodes of Breaking Bad, should take a few days off from everything and binge. That’s unnecessary. What I realized last night, watching the second part of the premiere was that it’s neither a “prequel” nor totally a “stand alone.” It’s a part of something much bigger — Vince Gilligan’s parallel universe. It’s non-linear space so it doesn’t really matter when you drop in. It’ll all circle back eventually.

Anyway… once again please head over to Happy Nice People Time to read my recap and other fine recaps of your favorite shows and those you no longer bother watching. And if you want to thank me in some way, go check out my books — especially this one.