The Americans are Back and I’ll Be Recapping

That’s right boys and girls! Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be recapping The Americans over at Happy Nice Time People — the bestest blog in television recaps. This should be interesting, and strangely enough was my idea. A couple of years back I wrote a rather uh critical piece about the show right here on this blog. I stand by it. The characters are not two dimensional, but the history is wrong. It’s a version Dick Cheney would applaud. St. Ronnie Rayguns is credited with ending the evil empire with military contracts. ┬áThe episode that drove me over the wall involved a fantasy version of the civil rights movement that J Edgar Hoover would have loved. So I’ll call it as I see it as I make with the snark. Hope you’ll join me!

(Just a reminder to those dropping in, the money I get for writing the recaps doesn’t even cover my cable bill, so you’d like to help — I don’t accept donations, BUT you could buy one of my books for as low as 99 cents, OR my visit the webpage of my latest opus.)