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The Americans are Back and I’ll Be Recapping

That’s right boys and girls! Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be recapping The Americans over at Happy Nice Time People — the bestest blog in television recaps. This should be interesting, and strangely enough was my idea. A couple of years back I wrote a rather uh critical piece about the show right here on this blog. I stand by it. The characters are not two dimensional, but the history is wrong. It’s a version Dick Cheney would applaud. St. Ronnie Rayguns is credited with ending the evil empire with military contracts.  The episode that drove me over the wall involved a fantasy version of the civil rights movement that J Edgar Hoover would have loved. So I’ll call it as I see it as I make with the snark. Hope you’ll join me!

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The Best Revenge — “Debbie” Voigt Gets the Last Word

Call Me DebbieDown to earth American soprano Deborah Voight has released a memoir – Call Me Debbie, and is now on a book-tour. Being one of the most famous opera singers in the world doesn’t make you famous enough to sell books these days. There’s got to be more of a hook, some shiny metal that will attract people who’ve never heard of her, or been anywhere near an opera house.

Yes, opera geeks, such people do exist. (Click here to read the rest of this life-changing post.)

Downton Abbey S5 E4 — Oh My God, Is Robert Right About a Thing?

Anyone whose been following my recaps knows I think his Lordship is kind of an ass, but this week except for ignoring his wife and belittling his middle child, he seemed kind of REASONABLE. Of course that’s in contrast to Tom’s potential squeeze, Miss Bunting, who is more caricature than character.

To read the full recap, please to head on over to Happy Nice Time People the best television blog on the internet. They should have it up any minute, and if they don’t, there’s lots of other stuff to read.

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Failure to Launch — Are Goodreads Giveaways Terrible?

Natl Lampoon
If you’re looking for advice on how not to sell your book, you’ve probably come to the right place. I vacillate between believing Blood Diva is not a bestseller because of factors completely outside of my control AND/OR it sucks. This despite several loyal readers whom I’ve acquired who may drop in to tell me otherwise. Thank you, loyal readers! You are keeping me alive. Literally! But let’s not go there, lest we summon the mental health police. (If you want to learn more about how to not sell your book, please read the rest of this VERY IMPORTANT THINK PIECE over at the Blood Diva blog.)

The Russians Are Coming, and Granny’s Got a Past

I am on vacation in some exotic location with limited internet access. But that won’t stop me from bringing you the latest in Downton Abbey recaps. So tune in over at Happy Nice Time People where they should have my take on episode 3 of the current season up soon.  Also while you are here, look around. Maybe you’ll see something else you’ll like.