Holy Smokes — Met Opera Changes Rush Tix AGAIN!

This is just in, in my inbox that is! So now it looks like the Met Opera has given up on the rush lottery — due to “audience feedback”. Instead they are now going to release rush tix from the website only at noon (most days) on a first come first serve basis on the day of the performance. Info on the new system here.

I was NO fan of the rush lottery introduced in September. Only time will tell if this will work better OR TOTALLY CRASH THE SYSTEM.

11/21 update: You can go to my “how-to-get-cheap-seat” post, which now includes the low-down Rush 2.2.

2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes — Met Opera Changes Rush Tix AGAIN!

  1. The rush lottery introduced in September was the best possible way of distributing these tickets…

    1. Ivanov — I’d be interested in more of your argument as to why you think so. I doubt they changed the system just for the hell of it.

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