Happy Birthday Persephone!

Just a ┬ábrief shout out. Persephone Magazine is sort of like an artsier Jezebel I think. I’m not sure. It’s for younger women, so I probably don’t get the nuances. Anyways, they are having a birthday! What’s great about that is they’re giving away all sorts of swag — books, mugs, etc, and so I’m just putting this out — get over there, crash their party and get your free stuff because it sure beats taking responsibility for your lives. (Also there was a hidden lessen about homonyms in the previous sentence, and if you find it, you win — my respect.)

And no, they just won’t give the things to everybody! The things cost money, but you can enter a raffle and win them and maybe tell all your friends or something. Here is a small sample of the swag:

A unicorn pin (because the ladies womyns like the unicorns)

A mug that will help you UFYH (Look it up. This is could be the best new life hack eveh.)

A scarf just perfect for fall, which is happening whether you want it to or not.

A sexy, vampire novel for people who love La Traviata. And who doesn’t love La Traviata?