Monthly Archives: March 2014

Coming Attractions — A Brief Rant

There have been no recent blog posts because I had the flu and it apparently turned my brain to mush. Next year I will get a flu shot. Even if I don’t get a flu shot, I will not crack wise when the better-half gets a tiny reaction to a flu-shot because KARMA.

When I do post again there will be deep thoughts on – the republican war on children (and public education), also on silly petitions versus what Anne Rice could actually do to help struggling writers (She could review their books), plus I’ll tell you how much fun The Enchanted Island was and I will apologize for seeing it as I may have given the entire upper west side the flu by going out that night. Sorry! There will also probably be a post about how truly AWFUL Die Fledermaus was. (Hint: It was the worst). Also something on why I will never get a season subscription to the Met again. (Yes, it does have something to do with Die Fledermaus). I am not going to write about True Detective because I don’t have much to say about it. Maybe I should write about hate-watching Scandal and how Kerry Washington has (literally) one facial expression.