Kay Gardella Memorial Vlog — Homeland

Hey kids, I thought I’d put on my bathrobe today and honor the memory of our Kay with a vlog — because I’m sure that’s what she’d be vlogging. How dare I? I don’t know, but it does kind of prove either I have no vanity or I’m completely deluded. In case you don’t make it through the whole thing, at the end I talk about the amazing discount deal for my novel, which is only 99 cents on Kindle for a very limited time.

4 thoughts on “Kay Gardella Memorial Vlog — Homeland

  1. I stopped watching when the spoilers started, and I can’t tell whether this means that I should watch Homeland or not. I love Breaking Bad (we’ve just hit the end of what’s on NetFlix [Season 5, Ep. 8] and we are worried about how we will cope without our daily shot of BB and panicking about how we will get our hands on the last 8 episodes, which is kind of like an addiction itself right there. Anyway, you’ve made me think vlogs are do-able. Thanks. 🙂

    1. The consensus is that Homeland has gone way downhill this season. But I think the first season was GREAT television, and despite its deep flaws this season, it’s still entertaining. As for vlogs. I don’t do them often enough to figure out how to do them. I’m still in awe of people who can crank out good ones on a regular basis. I wasn’t aware that netflix stopped after epsisode 8 of Breaking Bad. I can tell you the last 8 were AWESOME. Amazon has them on instant video. They’re worth paying for. (2.99 each)

  2. If Homeland was sort of a subtle parody, like some sort of British TV show where you don’t know if serious or not, it would be great, but since I get the impression the writers and cast take themselves waaay too seriously, it is, well, kinda stereotyping and stereotypical sometimes.

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