Best New Thing — Larry Harrison in the Guardian, UK

So the Guardian UK has been doing this serious series on self-publishing, including talking to actual self-published authors and not just to make fun of them. A few weeks ago, they featured an awesome column written by Year Zero founder, award-winning spoken-word artist, publishing superhero, and geriatric-rat rescuer, Dan Holloway.  Today, the series features an interview with Larry Harrison, author of the excellent Glimpses of a Floating World.  Readers keep saying they want a filter for self-published books. Seems to me The Guardian is beginning to provide one. We can only hope other respectable newspapers and magazines will follow. And there’s some delicious (personal) icing on that cake — guess who gets a shout-out?

Regarding, Glimpses, I can’t say enough good things, though I tried in a review. For whatever reason, it never seemed to catch on in the United States, which given how crazy some of us are for British television, I don’t quite get. All I can do is recommend you check out the interview AND sample the book.

1 thought on “Best New Thing — Larry Harrison in the Guardian, UK

  1. Hubby here;

    one of the best indie books I’ve ever read and one of the best “gritty novels about addiction” I’ve ever read.

    Rivals Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground lyrics about addiction, seriously!

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