I may have accidentally taken a hallucinogen last night. I was watching what I thought was a really long infomercial for some kind of Amway/get rich quick/pyramid scheme and then I saw Clint Eastwood come out to shill, only instead of giving his “It made me rich” testimonial, he started yelling at an empty chair.

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    1. Sorry, it was a busy week. I actually had to start writing a masterpiece for the 3-day novel contest ( and that kind of ate into my blogging time. If you are looking for more great incisive comment — or just snark, might I suggest

  1. Thanks – I really didn’t understand what was with Clint & in fact, turned it off not too far in – it sounded bizarre & crass, frankly. And a real waste of valuable time for the Republicans.

  2. Poor Clint. A seriously strange performance.

    There’s something about the GOP, isn’t there? Four years ago there was Sarah Palin, and now there’s Clint Eastwood. Who in God’s name will they come up with next time?

    On second thoughts, don’t answer that question. Don’t give them any ideas.

    1. They came up with Paul Ryan who is now trying to explain how he can be both a devout Catholic and a follower of Ayn Rand. He fibs more blatantly even than Klondike Snookie and his lies can all be easily refuted. Bill Maher the American comedian and satirist has said: [per the Republican Party] Supposedly, he’s the smartest guy on earth and she’s [Sarah Palin] the stupidest, but they agree on everything.

      1. LOL!

        He’s seriously trying to back-pedal that Ayn Rand association, but I wonder how much of it he has really given up.

        And now they have the latest comment about thte awful thing in Libya today. Not only are the Repubs not letting themselves be influenced by the fact-checkers, but apparently not by the facts either. They really should not have been so eager to slap a purely political attack on the White House’s statements this morning (disgraceful, btw) & should have double checked (oh, no, not that!) the facts of the chronology of the statements. I’ll be so glad when this is over.

        Gotta go listen to The Political Junkie on NPR.

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