My New Plan

Hi All,

I’m starting a new endeavor. Skeptical Tarot. Those who know me through this blog, know I can be a bit of a snarky skeptic. It may seem antithetical that I also read tarot cards, but there you go.

(Actually, it might not be all that odd to people who’ve actually read Loisaida. Back in my Authonomy days, someone noted the Aleister Crowley/Golden Dawn reference and said something about my “research.”)

I was initially going to keep my tarot life as separate as possible from my writing life (I’m using a variation of my name on the tarot site, but all the biographical information is accurate.) However, I’m trying to take a business-like approach, which these days means every aspect of one’s persona is linked to every other one’s of your persona. There is no facebook, or google or twitter or goodreads anymore. Anything you post anywhere appears everywhere, etc. We are all goodfacegoogletwits. Ultimately, I need to get as many people as possible to check out ALL of my sites, so please take a look.

There are some free services available AND a chance to participate in an advice blog as either a querent or a commenter.