Christmas Wish List

Halloween is over and they’re already putting up the Christmas decorations on 125th street, so it’s time to write that special someone and tell him I’ve been good and just want a little something in my Christmas stocking, so . . .

Dear Mr. Bezos,

Jeffrey Baby, slip a Kindle 3G under the tree, for me,
been an awful good girl, Jeffrey baby,
so hurry ship it out tonight.
Jeffrey baby, I’d really love a new dvd,
or four
tell Fed Ex, slip it under the door.
Jeffrey baby, so hurry ship it out tonight.
Think of all the fun I’ve missed,
think of all the I-Pads I haven’t kissed.
Next year I could be just as good
if you’ll check off my Christmas wish list.
Jeffrey baby, I only wanna little Touch,
that’s not so much.
Been an angel all year,
so hurry ship it out tonight.
Jeffrey cutie, and fill my stocking with a some e-ink
and apps,
Sign me up for the Prime,
it’s time.
Just pack it all and ship it tonight.
Come and make my wish list come true
with some downloads special from you-know-who.
I really do believe in you,
so hurry up and ship it tonight.
Jeffrey baby, I forgot to mention one little thing,
a Fire.
I don’t mean on the stove.
Jeffrey baby, so hurry ship it out tonight!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. Marion,

    Kudos on the parody. My first thought was the uncomplimentary thing my 10th grade English teacher said about a couple of things I did – “Did you (underlined) write that?”. I scanned the head of the next post, stuff picked up by Salon. I hope you sent that off somewhere.

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