Quiz, kids: Free e-book if you can answer me this.

I was having a discussion with my better half about Spalding Gray, the late great storyteller/performance artist. There was a story about him in this week’s New York Times Magazine even though he died in 2003.    There was also a documentary about his work made in 2010.

Back in the 1980′s and until the early 90′s I saw him perform many times in lower Manhattan, and once after I moved to Vermont when he was “on tour.”  His death hit me hard, in fact it seemed like it hit the whole City hard.  He disappeared one night, and was thought to have jumped off the Staten Island ferry.  His body wasn’t found for a while, so one could imagine him off on another adventure, the soon-to-be subject of a monologue. Sometimes, I still daydream that it was a mis-identification.  Spalding Gray is alive and well, in hiding, gathering some new material.

There’s a reference to him within the first 10% (the Kindle sample) of my novel Loisaida — A New York Story, which is set in the late 1980’s. He isn’t named, but there are several clues that it’s him.

Here’s the quiz, kids:  The first 5 people who can correctly (1) pinpoint the reference and (2) tell me which of his performance pieces it is referencing will get a free e-book copy of Loisaida in any e-book format, gifted to them or the person of their choice.

I’m figuring if you can get the reference or are even interested in trying, you probably are the audience I’m seeking and will enjoy the read.

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER as that will ruin it for everyone, but leave me a comment below letting me know you know. I will then email you giving you my email address and you can send me the answer.

One thought on “Quiz, kids: Free e-book if you can answer me this.

  1. Hi! Couldn’t find an email address for you – so I’m putting this here where you’ll get it, but it won’t end up in “general circulation.”

    Never heard of “Spalding Gray” but I do know a couple of other things – like why the pictures you post as part of your Blog header cover up the end of the first line of text below them. (Your web person specified picture size in pixels rather than as a percentage of the page – which means that the smaller the screen, the more of the screen the pictures will take up.)

    Specifying elements on a page (such as picture size) in pixels is also anti-handicapped programming as a specifically delineated size will not respond to the programs that make things bigger or smaller for those with bad eyesight.

    And I also note that one of your style sheets is/may be named “Amazing-Grace”??? Are you aware of Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper. Quite a lady! A pioneer in the days when it took GRIT to be a pioneer! And she got a US Navy Destroyer named after her!!! (You wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for Grace Hopper.) This lady has more honors, and actual and honorary degrees, then an ant hill has ants! ;-D


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