Another Desperate Attempt to Flog My Book

This is just another desperate attempt to flog my book. First off, there are some fine reviews over at Amazon UK and Amazon US, including a recent one from the infamous Big Al.   There are also some up at Goodreads.  In the past couple of days, there have been some new and interesting reviews.  Here’s one from Goodreads, whose pessimism caught my eye:

“If for nothing else, read it to get a full sense of what New York City used to be (crime-ridden, grimy and immensely interesting) as opposed to the white-washed boring, gentrified piece of crap it’s become. Made me nostalgic for the home I used to have.”

She may have only given it 4-stars, but she got the point.

Another reviewer in the UK — where for some odd reason they seem to “get” me, went further, so I’m a link you over to his place.  Wow!

By the way,  if you follow the first link in this post, you can the paperback for under $10.  The e-book price is back up to $2.99, but Amazon is still selling it for 99 cents.