I Rarely Do this HERE, but . . .

loisaidacversmall4 Hi all,

Except for the ever present banner ad above, I don’t do much promo of my books on this blog.   However, I am taking the opportunity to thank those that have kindly reviewed Loisaida recently.  It’s especially gratifying that people who I “met” only through the work are now virtual friends.  Today, I just made the Big Time, a review on the popular, Big Al’s Books and Pals.   Big Al, you may recall, had a moment virtual of fame when a certain indie-author went postal after a fair but tough review of her now much parodied novel.  Needless to say,  I won’t be going over to curse him out for his review of my book.  He didn’t put it  up yet on the Amazon customer reviews, though I suspect it will be there shortly.  Meantime, anyone who wants to find out more is welcome to visit the book’s page which links to other reviews, purchasing information and a preview of the paperback at googlebooks.

4 thoughts on “I Rarely Do this HERE, but . . .

  1. Congrats Marion on the awesome review! 🙂 I’m not a big mystery reader, but I posted about your review on my Facebook because I do have friends who like that genre. Good luck to you! I hope your sales jump up quite a bit!

    1. But I think the point of the review was that Big Al didn’t really think it was a mystery as much as it was a literary novel. I think anyone expecting a mystery is going to be disappointed. There is a mystery — but it’s not “who killed Ingrid”? It’s more why are some people complicit in their own destruction?

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