I’m Not on Vacation, I’m Just Blocked

No recent posts because I’m working on an epic post about Kindle, self-publishing and so much more.  The problem is I don’t even know where to start or finish.  In the meantime, here are some things for you to read and do:

  • By all means, read this article in The New Yorker about  Glenn Beck’s extremist roots..  It’s sobering and scary.
  • Check out The Year 0 Collective page because resistance is futile.
  • Then go to The Eight Cuts Gallery and read an interview with the frighteningly talented Cody James.
  • Take a look at  my novella The Death Trip and take advantage of the freebie coupon offer (CF23W).  It’s short enough that even if you don’t like reading on a computer, you can get through it.  I guarantee that reading it is a more constructive use of your time than aimlessly browsing the internet.
  • Check in again next week when I’ll be making an announcement about the print version of Loisaida — A New York Story, which I’m also giving away electronically this week only with coupon — BA97J.
  • Both these books, by the way,  are allegedly available in the i-book store, but I don’t know for sure because not owning the i-pad or i-phone, I can’t actually get in there which makes me want to slam this effing Mac against a wall.  So if you are one of the hip elect who has access to the magical store, can you go there and buy the books because Steve Jobs could use a new pair of shoes, and then  could you write a nice review or something because that would help put more money in Steve Jobs’s pockets.
  • Watch this fun video from the youbube which should give you a laugh and has nothing to do with me and is not related in any way to my annoying self-promotional schemes.  It made me smile and being the cockeyed optimist that I am I just wanted to share.  Either that or I think it’s all going to shit very fast, and this will be our last collective smile before darkness descends, forever:

1 thought on “I’m Not on Vacation, I’m Just Blocked

  1. Thanks for clearing the i-bookstore mystery up for me — I thought I just hadn’t figured out where the magic door was yet.

    BTW, loved the Gilbert and Sullivan-style Obama musical. Thanks for sharing the link.


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