Al Qaeda Determined to Attack US Through Right Wing Sleeper Cell Plot

You all do realize that Rick Scott, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani are all sleeper agents working on the orders of Al Queda as part of a plot to stir up incidents against Muslims in the US leading to both internal dissent and external condemnation, right?  By using highly placed Al Queda “assets” like Palin and Gingrich, they were able to draw out the President, forcing him to make a (mild) statement defending the constitutional right to build a community center in lower-Manhattan. Once Obama went on record about the subject, they moved to step two, distorting his remarks and reframing it as “Obama’s Mosque,” while dropping not so subtle  reminders about the President’s “exotic” background. This has further stirred up Red State hate and could lead to their ultimate goal — assassination and  suspension of ALL constitutional rights.

This deal with the devil was predicted in the original film version of The Manchurian Candidate when Angela Lansberry finally explains to her son the plot that will lead to her sides’ being “swept into the White House with “such powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy.”  That’s one way to prevent socialism and thwart the liberal agenda.  (Anyone know if Pam Geller has kids?)

Here’s the proof:

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  1. Let us not forget the sinister ties between this Al-Qaeda front group and the IRA, through the Manchurian congressman from Long Island, Peter “It’s not terrorism when they’re my freedom fighters” King.

    (Said as someone who believes that the British should get out of Ireland, but that the violence only prevents the British from leaving, they would’ve left in about ’72 otherwise.)

  2. As to the opening post, the President is not “obnoxious” for “supporting the mosque.” The President is doing his job by supporting the constitution. If you want to try to create new laws in your hometown preventing people from building mosques, or synagogues, or churches, please have at it. They will God-willing be struck down by the courts because they are unconstitutional, but please stay the hell out of New York’s business.
    You weren’t there on 911 and you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

    MS writes As to the opening post, the President is not “obnoxious” for “supporting the mosque.”

    Ricky writes – why the quotes, to highlight a strong feeling?

    MS writes – The President is doing his job by supporting the constitution.

    Ricky writes and exactly what relevance does that play? The constitution is not at issue here, it’s the site they chose to build it on, which many New Yorkers with overwhelming numbers have a problem with. Why do you liberals keep bringing the constitution up, create a red herring? You, (a writer) of all people should know better.
    You state Obama is not obnoxious, I say he is. That’s subjective and opinion oriented. We’re talking about the same Obama who accused the medical profession of chopping kids’ legs off for extra money while selling his ill advised healthcare to the public that didn’t want it. Yes, he’s obnoxious and obtuse (Look that work up as well).

    Marion writes – If you want to try to create new laws in your hometown preventing people from building mosques, or synagogues, or churches, please have at it. They will God-willing be struck down by the courts because they are unconstitutional, but please stay the hell out of New York’s business.

    Ricky writes – So now we have resorted to cussing and showing anger / hatred. Why are you so angry Marion? I live five minutes from you so that makes it kind of difficult for me to stay out of Manhattan, plus I have lived here my entire life, unlike you so whether you like it or not I have just as much say in it as you. You don’t see me cussing you out because we differ in opinion. Now to your point. Why would you write about me creating new laws when I never wrote a word about the legality of it? Never! I have never heard one person state it’s against the constitution, not one yet you liberals keep making crap up. Sharia law (Muslim religion) violates our constitution, especially the 14th, care to debate me on that one?

    MS writes – You weren’t there on 911 and you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

    Ricky writes – This is what’s known as an invalid argument from someone with a degree in writing.

    “You weren’t there on 911” For practical purposes we’ll assume that’s her conclusion.
    “you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.” And we’ll assume this is her premise, there’s really no way of telling what it is when one writes this bad but it’s irrelevant.

    As one can see there’s no relationship between the two making this an invalid argument.

    Marion writes – Most of the opponents are hypocrites who talk about getting government out of people’s business but at the same time seem to want government to do something about this.

    Ricky writes – I guess that makes most NYers hypocrites. Even Obama your hero edited his remarks and stated that he agreed it should not be built there.

    Marion writes – Most of the opponents are unfamiliar with the fact that the bombers didn’t discriminate and Moslems died that day along with Jews, Christians, Hindus and everyone else.

    Ricky writes – Marion, where are you getting this information from? Are you just making it up? Everyone knows NY is a melting pot of many cultures and ethnic groups. I don’t believe any of the opponents believed all that died were whatever it is you are implying. Please explain to me why you are making such bizarre claims? Do you ever reread what you write? You certainly should Marion. This is pure lunacy to believe you know what’s in the minds of opponents to the Mosque.

    BTW do you know what colloquial writing is? Try to avoid it on blogs, makes reading a lot easier and try using paragraphs, they definitely help.

    Last it’s not Moslem’s they’re Muslims.

    Have a nice day Marion,

    Ricky – Never went to college, 9th grade education, very common in the big apple.

    1. Ricky is referring apparently to some forum I was posting on somewhere on the web. (At this point, I’m not even sure where or when.) Ricky apparently followed me home to my blog and sought out my non-virtual address as well. Thanks for the spell check, Ricky. I tend to write unedited when participating in forum conversations and am apt to error.

      Ricky put his comment under one post, but I’m wondering if he thinks I was referencing his remark with the opening statement of another — the animation: Ground Zero Debate. I honestly wasn’t, Ricky. The dialogue was based on a number of conversations (mostly over the Internet) along with a few articles I’d read and clips, I’d seen. I was not trying to recreate the forum thread you referenced or any actual “debate.” In other words, it was not about you.

      This is a blog not a forum. You’re welcome to comment on posts, but please keep your comment relevant to what’s posted.

  3. When you look at Obama’s and his administration’s record, you can’t tell me they aren’t the real “sleeper agents” under orders by Al-Qaeda!

    President Obama has relentlessly tried to play down and deny the nature of the terrorist threat we continue to face. Napolitano renames terrorism “man-caused disasters.” Obama goes abroad apologizes and pledges to cleanse America of its post-9/11 counter terrorist sins. He bows down to the Saudi Prince. He wants to close Guantanamo. CIA interrogators will/were going to face a special prosecutor, and Khalid Sheik Mohammed will bask in a civilian trial. He supports the Mosque on Ground Zero. And then the latest where he declares the war in Iraq over and they don’t even have their government in place. He’s also let Al-Qaeda know when we are leaving/surrendering Afganistan. Al-Qaeda just loves all of that. 🙂

    After the “War on Terror” was abandoned in his first year in office, the rate of terrorist attacks on the United States has gone from zero per year during George W. Bush’s last 7 years, to at least four during Obama’s watch. I’m just saying….

    I can understand that you support Obama. However, please don’t be so blind to reality here. You seem like a nice person. However, you better hurry up and sensor me again before your fan base you have learn the truth.

    1. Maybe I went a little bit to far. Obama and his Administration may not me “sleeper agents.” However, I can’t help but think that they are, what Stalin use to call Liberals/Socialist in America, “useful idiots.”

      1. Kevin —

        First, I never “censored” you. You had made several comments on the same post. I allowed them all even though this is a private blog and not a public forum and I have a right to limit comments and choose which ones are posted. That’s not censorship anymore than it’s censorship for a newspaper to choose not to publish a particular letter to the editor. You finally left one comment which had two links in it. This automatically caused it to be held for moderation. At that point, I decided enough was enough and I chose not to publish that comment.

        Censorship implies that I am somehow preventing you from speaking freely. I’m not. You are welcome to air your views all over the internet. You can even start your own blog. I don’t have the power or the right to censor you. I do have the right to moderate comments on my own blog. I never made a formal rule about how many times one person could comment on the same post. I don’t want to make a formal rule about it now. But generally when it starts looking like a debate or it goes outside of commenting on the post and gets into name calling, it’s probably a good time to stop.

        As for my “fan base,” most of them do not get their news and “truth” from blogs. They don’t need you to inform them. They use other more reliable sources. Hint: Fox News and Pam Geller are not reliable sources. “Useful idiots” is a talking point she’s been using a lot lately. Is that where you got it? Do you also believe that Obama is secretly the son of Malcolm X an idea she used to promote? Or did she stop saying that when it turned out to be in conflict with the birther delusion?

        While it’s not my wish to debate with you, since some of my “fan base” are not Americans and not following the news here that closely, I do feel obliged to set the record straight on a couple of things you mentioned. At least you didn’t do the full Perino and deny that 911 happened on Bush’s watch, but you factually wrong about their not being other incidents. Please see this link:

        It’s also ridiculous to have this argument about Bush without bringing up the wasted resources and lives lost in the folly of the Iraq war. Obama has done his best to honor the sacrifice of the troops and end combat operations. He has very clearly not declared mission accomplished.

        As for the “Ground Zero Mosque” as previously stated in other posts there are already mosques in lower Manhattan and have been since before the Twin Towers were even built. There is no mosque being planned on the private property that is Ground Zero.

        There is an old coat factory that has been used for a while now as a spillover/mosque/prayer space a few blocks away from where the towers stood. This is not Ground Zero. There is a plan approved by the local community board to build a Y type community center that would also include a prayer room. My guess is that this will never actually happen since the money hasn’t been raised and with all the manufactured controversy it probably won’t be, but the Constitution would prevent kicking Muslims out of the building and if the President of the United States whose job it is to uphold the Constitution had said otherwise, it would have been very disappointing. By the way I promise not to come to your town and tell you where to put your churches and other buildings if you promise not to tell New Yorkers where we can place ours.

        The post was meant to be satiric. Of course I do not really believe that Sarah Palin, Newt Gringrich and Pam Geller are on Al Qeada’s payroll although I do think that’s less ridiculous than believing our President is a secret Muslim, born in Kenya, or some kind of Manchurian candidate/spawn of a fellow traveler and Malcolm X.

        And in the interests of not spending my life correcting the misinformation in your comments, I will be moderating your comments.

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