What a deal

Loisaida — A New York Story soon to be released in paperback via Caradeloca Press, is the #2 bestseller on Smashords’ literary fiction list and is getting some great reader reviews. It’s a sordid tale of NY’s East Village/Lower East Side in the bad old days, pre-gentrification, when the city had an edge. Just to wet people’s appetites and reward loyal readers of this blog (and whoever happens to stumble in), I’m offering half-price e-copies in ALL formats through 10/1/2010.  Go here and use coupon number LU52V at check-out.  If you like it, be the buzz. Tell your friends.  Demand your local independent bookstore carry the print. Write a comment here or somewhere else.  Hint: There’s also a free coupon out there somewhere on the web (not this site). You can look for it, pay half price or spend the big bucks $2.99 which would help buy me a cup of coffee.

6 thoughts on “What a deal

  1. I’m taking advantage of your generosity. Thanks so much!! I will pass on my thoughts to others.

    1. If you mean the RSS thingy or something, I’m not sure I’ve figured it out either. Probably should, though. Good point.

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