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The Simulated Life Elapsed Experience Process aka The Death Trip — “comfort care for the dying” or something more nefarious? After the death of his beloved grandmother, Chuck decides to investigate. He soon finds himself torn between two women — the activist who suspects a dark agenda and the beautiful MD who helped create the process.
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4 thoughts on “Free E Book Offer

  1. OK So I am Mr. Marion Stein, so I might be somewhat biased, but this is really a great read! Yes it is. You have to trust me on this, but it is a hell of a lot better than a lot of speculative/dystopian fiction and much better than the pretentious dross that passes for high fiction.

  2. And by “pretentious dross,” I hope you’re not referring to your better-half’s more uh ambitious work.

    1. Perish the thought. I am referring to the pseudo-intellectual increidbly boring fiction that is twaddle but that is peddled as some sort of high “literary” fiction, – the kind that people are proud of they read – if they’re telling the truth, with this sort of smug, “well it’s a difficult read” as if that is some how virtuous. They should just stick to doing an hour on the elliptical if they want to be smug.

  3. Long time visitor to this blog. Downloaded death trip. Jeez that has to be made into a movie! Great read, as good as something Dick would write.

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