Response to Right Wingnut Bimbette

So one of those blond conservative wingnuts with long tresses (not the crack whore with the big Adam’s apple, but a younger wannabe), wrote a column basically saying, “Oh my god, Jennifer Lopez and Sonia Sotomayor are both from the Bronx. Oh my god! And they’re both like uhm women! And uhm they are both Puerto Rican. So like THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!”

I am not going to provide a link to this idiocy, but here was my response:

Do you get paid to do this? Because this is really some dumb, witless, idiocy. It reads like a joke-column in The Onion. I mean you really want to compare someone who got full scholarships to ivy league schools (Princeton and Yale) where she excelled, became the first Hispanic federal judge in NY state, and saved baseball in addition to making other decisions which clearly show her ability to put the constitution ABOVE her alleged political beliefs — to J Lo based on the fact that they both grew up in the South Bronx? The ONLY thing these two women are known to have in common is that they are Puerto Rican women from the Bronx and to imply that therefore they are exactly the same makes you sound kind of dumb or kind of racist.