The Old Post with a New Name (continued)

Update: I had to change the name of this post. The name had the word a d d i c t i o n in it and this seemed to attract so much spam for so long that I’m now afraid to ever write the word again. Let that be a warning to all!

Just a quick update on my internet addiction and second life as a writer on Authonomy.

I’ve got to get at least an abstract and synopsis of a proposal done by Monday morning, 8 am. I should have the draft done as it’s got to go out on Friday and others need to comment. By the way, this is for an afterschool program grant that would benefit hundreds of inner city children for years to come. This is real and important work.

Where am I on this?

Don’t even ask.

After realizing that this thing is bigger than I am, and not being much of a believer in a higher power (besides I really don’t want to quit, and even if I could find an appropriate meeting, I have too much work to do), I have asked my technical adviser and life partner to block me from the site.

I am now in his power, and it feels strangely liberating.

If I’m a good girl and get my chores done, maybe he’ll let me go on tonight.