Another Website for Writers

Authonomy is a site put up by Harper-Collins UK. It’s a place for writers trying to get published or working on revisions to network with each other and read and comment on their work. A lot of what’s up there is very good, much better than on CreateSpace which unlike Authonomy was set up for self-publishing. Authonomy isn’t a contest, but there’s a prize — several writers previewing their work on the site have been picked up by Harper Collins-UK.

I’ve put the site on my “favorites”. I’ve also put up my recently revised novel, Loisaida. You can read the pitch and/or the book by going here: If you take a look and you like the book, you can help by registering at the site, putting the book on your “bookshelf” and writing a comment. And of course if you’re putting your work up, let me know and I’d be happy to do the same.