about me, this blog, why there’s no website

So I wanted a blog but instead of going to blogger like a normal person, I asked my technical advisor and life partner (one person) for help. He told me he’d build me a complete, kick-ass, shiny and new website as soon as he had the time, but meantime he bought the name and set up this blog figuring he’d embed it into the site when it was ready. This is like the web age version of “Honey, we don’t need a contractor. I’ll build that second bathroom myself,” except it’s not because he’s a brilliant web professional (and Jeopardy champion – I’m so proud), so it’s really more like the cobbler’s wife who doesn’t have shoes. The site will up soon, really. Meantime, I have this place to spew.
If you like something I’ve written, comments welcome.

If you’re looking for my bio, you should be able to piece it together from the blogs.

If you’d like, you can follow this link: http://archive.wbai.org/files/mp3/081207_110001tnexth.MP3 and hear me tell a story on the radio. The link should be up another month or so. I hope by the time it’s not I have my site and can put up my own link. The whole show is an hour and gives information about a storytelling workshop which you can find out about at Narativ . Four storytellers and the workshop founders are featured. If you only want to hear me, I’m on at around minute 38.

If you are a fellow writer, friend or literary agent and are interested in reading the novela (The Death Trip) or novel (Loisaida) that I’m currently shopping around then please let me know. If you are an editor and think you might have a venue for something I’ve written or want to contact me, feel free. I am not interested in hearing from fee for publication. I can find that on my own if needed.